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Following over a decade of full time ministry in the Republic of Cameroon, the Lord moved Bishop Dr. McDonald Imaikop and family to Nigeria to pioneer, plant new churches and develop leaders for the next generation. The Revival Mission, Inc. was founded and incorporated with the Nigerian Government in 1985. Our vision is focused on changing our immediate world and all those we come into contact through the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ in urban and rural communities in the jungles. We are involved in evangelistic thrusts in rural communities, urban areas, street corners, parks, market squares, prisons, schools, college campuses, Radio/TV. Etc.

Praise & Worship: Pastor Stanley
Safe & Clean Water Projects in the Jungle

Our goal is to plant 200 indigenous churches in the next 20 years and the construction of worship centers for new converts as God provides the financial support. We wish to equally dig wells in poor communities that have no good source of drinking water in drought stricken areas. The idea around these wells where local churches are established will center on the preaching of the Gospel as a witness to these communities for Christ.

Youth Conference (Calabar)
Youth Conference (Calabar)
Youth Conference (Calabar)

Another urgent need all across Africa with its teaming population in urban and rural areas and more especially in our work is the need to establish Christian Schools in the rural jungle areas where kids have to walk some ten to fifteen miles to the nearest town to go to school. These children run in packs; and are used for child labor, child trafficking, prostitution, and early marriage and given no opportunity to go to school due to poverty. A good many of them are orphaned children of HIV/AIDS parents with no one to carter for their educational needs, etc.

Bishop Dr. McDonald Imaikop Dr. Juliet

Our founder/president, Bishop Dr. McDonald Imaikop oversees the ministry with a Board of Trustees. He is married with five children who are equally involved in ministry.

His wife Dr. Juliet is an ordained minister and senior pastor with the growing church.

Bishop Dr. McDonald Imaikop is the presiding Bishop of The Revival Mission Churches. He has a passion for missions and a burning concern in his heart to see the gospel go forth to the ends of the earth. He flows in a powerful Apostolic and Prophetic anointing and is a sought after Conference and Seminar Speaker who has ministered in several nations such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, etc, etc.

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